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Want the best PROTECTION ever? We offer it. Read on.

Breaking your screen on any device is so awful. First, you are alarmed and trying to see if your device is working. Then you're mad, thinking of all the ways that shouldn't have happened. Then you call Boone Cellular, get a quote, come in, and we fix your device professionally, and quickly.

But, before you check out, there is something that "could" prevent that screen from breaking in the first place. Almost every store offers tempered glass, and that is definitely something that can help prevent breaks and everyday scratches. But we offer Protection Pro, "The Most Advanced Device Protection on the Market".

Protection Pro is the same product that NASA uses to protect the screens of the shuttles it sends to space.

Essentially, we have a sophisticated machine that can cut a rubberized template for any Samsung, iPhone, or really any phone. This rubberized protector is expertly installed by our trained technicians within 5-10 minutes, and your phone is armed with the best protection on the market.

Although known, no screen protector will protect a screen from hard drops. However, Protection Pro will give your device, or newly-repaired device the best chance of the daily rigors that challenge daily use.

Call us today or stop in, and we'd be happy to demonstrate the product. We all use it, and totally believe in the technology!

Happy Holidays all!


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