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Something Extra Personal

One of the great things about having a blog is unleashing the freedom that you get to express whatever you want, whenever you want. Conversely, owning a company, you get to do the similar with business decisions, but you're weary of what you confide in on a personal level. (Let's not get started on Elon Musk and Twitter today) What about when you get to marry those though? That never happens.

After Undergrad, I was fortunate enough to work for 11 wonderful years for a booming PR startup company in Manhattan. I established long-time corporate clients that I still connect to frequently. I'd still call this company family to this very day! #criticalmention

We later moved to Asheville NC in 2011, and after a few years from working from home, I resigned and took a year off to decide what we wanted to do next. We were lucky enough to ride the real estate boom, and purchased a few houses and rentals, gutted and restored them with the gracious help of my in-laws, and established our footing with some capital to decide what was next.

Fast forward to 2017, and we were ready to rally. I had an investor friend that was about to buy a hurting mom and pop repair store, but he realized it was going to take more time to turn around than he had time for. I started looking at the numbers, and somewhat convinced, I decided I could turn it around to make the numbers work if we put EVERYTHING we had into it! That "Project" turned into one of my favorite businesses EVER! I never realized how much fun we could have building one of the greatest teams in Boone. If you've ever visited our stores, you'll realize that we are different from any repair store. Our technicians have all been there for years - they KNOW and CARE what your issues are.

The success of the Boone store has now turned into a new booming Ashe County location! We offer all the same cell phone repairs, and also tablet, game systems, and computers. Basically, if it has an on switch, we can fix it. Whatever your problem, wherever you are, we can help!

We are not the store that cares about making a few dollars off anyone that walks in. We'd rather help you anyway we can, for money or maybe not, but establish a customer that will come back to us for the next 20 years because we always give absolute honest service.

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