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Is Tempered Glass Worth It?

Whenever we do a screen replacement, we always recommend adding our discounted tempered glass or polymer Protection Pro option. Does that mean I follow our own advise? I wish. Let me explain.

Every other year, I upgrade to the newest latest and greatest iPhone Pro. It's a silly ritual, but one that I warrant since I own a collection of cell phone and computer repair stores. Heck, I just like technology, and it's fun. (that's at least how I convince myself) I've purchased iPhones since the very first launch when I lived in Manhattan, and camped out for 24-hours to secure the very first iteration!

That said, I fall into the same ridiculous trap that I experience every year prior. I forget to arm my brand new, extremely expensive screen with protection. I always remember about a month later when I'm randomly in one of our stores, and looking through the screen protections we offer. "Oh yeah, I need to add that, silly me!", I think in my head.

Each time, as I get under the bright lights of our repair desks and start the preparation process to add protection, I notice all the deep scratches my new phone has already endured. "Darn it!", I exclaim under my breath.

Once again, I could have avoided these deep scratches and pit markings by simply adding screen protection as soon as I got the phone. It's true, tempered glass will not always save your phone screen from breaking (people, don't ever believe the hammer advertisements - don't ever hit your phone with a hammer) but screen protection will keep your screen scratch free, and will often allow you greater trade-in value in the long run.

Will I learn my lesson with the next iPhone? You bet, at least I hope so. :)

Stop by our Boone or Ashe locations, and any of our experienced techs can help pick the best screen protection for your new or existing phone!

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