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Ashamedly, I've owned every Apple Watch that has come out. I've loved the idea about an extension of the iPhone. To not have to reach into my pocket for every ding, buzz, ring, etc., has always been a dream. That said, I'm also an avid hiker, camper, runner, and adventurer that travels not only the High Country and Boone, but also the world for extended periods of time. Often, I'd switch to a Garmin Fenix or Epix, as they are truly robust watches that can handle the dirty work in the backcountry, but also last for long periods of time. However, the integration was never the same. I would always pull back, break down, and buy the newest Apple Watch, and remember how much I loved them. Full disclosure, I typically sleep in a bed most nights, and charging is a non-issue. 😝 Apple then announced the new Apple Ultra, with 85% of the bells and whistles that my Garmin offered, but were now standard on the new "adventure" Apple Watch. This was finally what I was waiting for, a more rugged version of the Apple Watch, but still all the things to love about the Apple ecosystem. While this article isn't about the new Apple Watch Ultra, there are quite a few tips and tricks here that I wasn't aware of, and can be found on most newer Apple Watches. Hope this helps! As a reminder, Boone Cellular and Computer Repair can help answer any of your Apple Watch questions, and even fix a broken and shattered screen. We also offer multiple screen protectors, chargers, and even bands for Apple Watches. Stop in and let us help you! If you have any direct questions for me personally about the Apple Watch Ultra, feel free to email me at!

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