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Break? Don't Brake, Let's Go!

It's a screen world. We're all on screens. I'm on one right now, way past my bedtime. It's a habit I'd like to mitigate, but this is my life. I own a company that literally fixes these devices for a living. So as much as I'd like to encourage all our fans and customers to get off their screens at some point, I also understand that we rely on these devices for everyday life. Boone Cellular now fixes screens on all sorts of devices. We're not limited to iPhone or Samsung phone repairs, we now fix Mac Laptop screen replacements, iPad, and generally any computer or device screen replacements. We also can fix game consoles, and we've even fixed a garage door opener. Come in, we'll fix it. We're the best in Boone, and definitely the friendliest. If you have a direct question, you can always email me directly at

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