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Can you believe it's already that time!!??

I feel like we say this every year, "Where did the year go?" We should be used to this by now, but here were are, saying it once again. But it's true, days, weeks, seasons just seem to fly by! Both Apple and Samsung released some great phones this year, and I'm loving my new iPhone 14 Pro! Luckily I've only broken one screen since I got into this business, and I'm glad it's not this phone, because that is an EXPENSIVE part! Either way, we want to thank you for your continued business at Boone Cellular and Computer Repair. It's you, the customers that help us grow, stay and business, and allow us to continue to fix your broken screens, replace your batteries, and fix your computers! Remember, our Ashe location is open Tuesdays through Saturday, and our Boone store is open 7-Days-A-Week! We are the leaders in iPhone, Samsung and other phone repair. We also can fix nearly any computers, including Apple Macs, Dell, Acer, Chromebooks, and anything else you can throw at us!

Below, you'll find some really awesome tips and tricks for maintenance for your iPhones that MacRumors put together. Enjoy, and feel free to reach out to me directly if you need anything at all!

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